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 possible exception:
(hopefully, nobody plans to challenge the Salutatorian hypothesis (regarding Migration into the Americas from Ancient Europe). That's somewhat lame. Plus, you've missed the overall message. However, since The playlist of Archeology, Heritage, & Celebration.will receive most criticism: please consider a few facts.
1) we realize that mainstream archeology claims the theories are flawed.
2) for nearly a century, they literally ignored any such evidence, altogether.
3) whether you admit it, or not; geneticists show favoritism for certain groups. 
4) Experts have already been known to conceal information if it threatens to offend.
5) Discovery programs relating to these subjects have also shown favor to women.
6) The evidence is not confined to any singular location.
7) The leading opponent on Youtube, Salsassin, has been forced to alter his material.
     ...almost to the point of sheer compulsion.   He first dismissed any claims as mere coincidence.  Then, he began acknowledging similarities.  Until finally, his conclusions were just plain romantic.   (Example: Persons migrate to Mexico.  Then miraculously make their way to Virginia.   But, in saying so; he admits that it's a tough one to call.
8) he claimed that Discovery withheld information.  And, sensationalized it.   This true is false.   The archeologists stated that people may have migrated from  the European Continent.  But, this does not specifically pertain to a mythological "White Person".    Obviously, they were a very primitive people. And they spoke no English. They had no organized culture.  and their groups were small.
9)  If you look at  any animal in nature, they all fight for territories amongst themselves.  But, no animal (except humans) uses Propaganda claiming ancestry.   So, why is this valid ?
10) Countries, such as America; have been very open-minded about accepting outsiders.  But, others take advantage of our policies. 
11)  So, many speak about alleged injustice, merely because our system welcomes outsiders more openly.
12) Critics of immigration policy had forewarned others about it.  {You welcome them openly.  Then, upon arriving here, they criticize the country which they desperately tried to enter}

12b) In other words:  We're not particularly interested in arguments pertaining to this specific "Kennewick man" Blog.

Summary:    Feel free to comment anywhere.   {Blogspot, Wordpress, or Voy Forums.}

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